All In…Where?

You might see some folks on Sunday wearing shirts that say “All In.” You might hear us talk about being All In from time to time. In March, I challenged our adults to become an All In Partner. So far, 711 have made the commitment to be All In. That’s about half of our Sunday service adult regular attendance. If you are yet to become an All In Partner, may I ask you to consider making that decision. You can be an All In Partner by clicking here and signing up online.

What does it mean to be an All In Partner? Partnership at Pantano means a passionate commitment to join others who are All In following and becoming like Jesus, sharing life together, using our time, talents and treasures to make a difference and participating with God to love others and bring them to faith. Together, we want to bless Southern Arizona and strategic areas around the world. This requires that we be more than an attendee, but that we be All In with Jesus and others to make a real difference.

So we’ve replaced the word “membership” with “partnership.” While All In still functions as our “membership,” we want to move beyond the idea of membership that can be a static experience. Partnership is about engaging with others to make a difference as we move toward our vision and live our mission of “loving people to Jesus.” So we ask that you recommit anew every year to being an All In Partner.

Now, let me ask you a question: If you want to be All In and make a difference, the obvious question is this – where and how? My answer is simple, sort of. Be All In where you are right now! God wants you to be All In and fully committed to him. He wants you to be fully committed to a local church, such as Pantano. He wants you to use your life to make a difference and that is where you are at right now. It might be in service through our church. It might be as you serve your neighborhood. It might be at work or school. It might be through one of our outreach partners or through a social agency. God may have already directed you to a person or place where you can give your all to make a difference. Where does God want you to make a difference? That’s the question!

For the next three weeks in our services, we are going to focus on transforming our city, our communities and barrios, and our families. We are going to acquaint you with some ways you can live out being All In. You are going to hear some amazing stories of how we are transforming our schools and working with government agencies like the Department of Child Safety to care for kids and families. You are going to hear how you can help families reunite and be restored as well as how to help or become someone who fosters or adopts a kid who needs a forever home. You’ll get to hear how we are making a difference all over the world and you’ll have the opportunity to join us to build a home in Rocky Point or join us for one of several short-term mission trips. These next three weeks are going to be incredible and encouraging and help us truly be All In to make a difference in the name of Jesus.

Glen Elliott

Glen Elliott is the lead pastor of Pantano Christian Church. He is a follower of Jesus who loves adventure and wants to make the world different.

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