Why – Preaching

This will be my fifth and final blog of my “Why” series. In this series I’ve been explaining why we do what we do at Pantano. Several folks have commented how helpful these blogs have been to understand the why behind the practices. Let me finish with the adult weekend teaching, also called preaching or […]

Why... Externally Focused?

Why… Externally Focused?

I’m continuing my series of blogs answering the “why” question. Why drives what we do – not tradition, not what’s easy, not what’s popular, and not what’s expected or demanded. Why is what motivates us. Why creates the hows and whats of systems and programs in our church. It is the why that keeps us […]

Amazing by Glen Elliott


I couldn’t think of a better title for this blog than the word AMAZING! I know the word gets overused. But this time it is not even a strong enough word for what I’ve experienced. I’ve just returned from my trip to Ukraine. I went primarily for the 20th anniversary of Tavriski Christian Institute (TCI). […]

Why... non-denominational? by Glen Elliott

Why… Non-denominational?

This is my third part of a series of blogs answering the question of “Why?” One of the questions I get is “why is Pantano a non-denominational church?” First, to be absolutely clear, I do not believe that denominations are a bad thing. Denominations do provide some helpful things for many churches. And we work […]


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