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The Accuser by Glen Elliott

The Accuser

In my message next Sunday I’m going to talk about Satan. He is real. No, he doesn’t go around looking like a red monster with horns – he’s much more clever than that and he disguises himself. In fact, he once disguised himself as a serpent in the Garden of Eden (Revelation 12:9). Jesus said […]

Wisdom for the Non-Religious by Glen Elliott

Wisdom for the Non-Religious

We started a series last week called Lose Your Religion. Our focus in this series is to lose our religion and replace it with a deep relationship with our loving God. If you missed it, you can watch it here. In this blog I want to bring you some of the best quotes that surfaced […]

Lose Your Religion by Glen Elliott

Lose Your Religion

Wow, what an Easter weekend! We had well over 5,000 attend our New Life Celebration on Saturday. The Baptist and Lutheran churches next to us graciously allowed us to fill their parking lots! We had 5,605 people attend Easter services and 90 people were baptized to begin a new life. And, we invited everyone who […]

Eliminating Hindrances by Glen Elliott

Eliminating Hindrances

If you’ve been around me long, you know my commitment and passion to reach people not connected to God or a church community. That was Jesus’ passion. He risked his reputation by hanging out with lost people. His best stories (parables) were about reaching lost people. He declared his mission as coming to seek and […]


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