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Gratitude by Glen Elliott


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a wonderful time getting together with family and friends. May your Thanksgiving be filled with joy and gratitude. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. And every so often, my birthday falls on Thanksgiving and this year is that year. It so nice to have a national holiday in […]

Lies by Glen Elliott


I was listening to a podcast that said we are told 200 lies a day. I thought that was a lie! So being my skeptical self, I did some research and sure enough, there were some books and research to support this. A 2002 study by Robert Feldman of the University of Massachusetts found that […]

You Never Know! by Glen Elliott

You Never Know!

We started the idea of prayerfully picking one word to focus on for a whole year as we begin a new year, back several years ago. My first one word was generous. I thought I was a fairly generous person and was surprised that the Holy Spirit had impressed this on my mind. I had […]

Making a Difference... One Child at a Time

Making a Difference… One Child at a Time

A few weeks ago, we collected food to provide weekend meals for school kids through Haven Totes. Many of us put food behind our cars when we arrived and our team picked up the food for a super important ministry. $1,874 worth of food was donated to Haven Totes. (And we gave 4,430 diapers and […]


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