Super Start

SuperStart, a preteen event, is coming to Phoenix November 4-5! SuperStart is a high energy weekend with programming designed specifically for 4th & 5th grade students. The weekend is comprised of 3 main sessions that contain worship through music, interactive theatrics, and teaching time. This year SuperStart will be setting the table – literally – with both food and fun. SuperStart’s cast of characters will interact with “food experts” as they explore the ways in which God has been generous, and how that shows us what we can be generous with, and why generosity is such a big deal to God.

This will be an overnight special event and space will be limited. Details are still in planning stages, and depending on housing, the price will range from $50 – $100 per student. An initial $25 deposit would be required for registration to save your student a spot.

This event is currently at 89% capacity and we have limited spots available, so if you are interested, please register right away!

November 4-5

Contact Info:
kathy, 520.298.5395

$50-$100 per student

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