The King's Man


When a man commits to pursuing and deepening his male friendships in a safe group context, he will sustain momentum to grow spiritually and achieve personal changes faster than he ever could on his own.


Men need to go after core health in their own character and relationships. Through open discussion where men share who they are and what is really happening in their lives. If the most real and relevant issues remain unaddressed and untouched, the rest of what a man may learn or accomplish through his connection with other men will be short-lived in both his life and church contexts.


The natural progression from personal transformation in a man's life is active leadership training. Practically, men will feel themselves going to the next level of commitment personally, spiritually, and practically in ministry. Strong spiritual formation leads to strong spiritual expression of the Great Commandment and Great Commission.


Healthy, strong, trained men are deployed to serve the church and their mission in the world to aggressively share the Gospel. A church that empowers transformation of men helps itself by winning the loyalty, energy, and expression of its men toward the larger needs, mission, and vision of the church.

  • Meeting Day: Tuesdays
  • Meeting Time: Evening
  • Restrictions: For Men
  • Location: 1755 S. Houghton Road
  • Zipcode: 85748

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