“This is my dream…to see really authentic healthy communities of Jesus followers or churches throughout our city and Southern Arizona. I see these churches as primarily existing to bring God’s influence and God’s blessing to their immediate neighborhood. I see these churches as giving so much back to their “hood” that they are an indispensable part of the community. These churches disciple people to follow Jesus well. These churches help start and support the social agencies that serve people. These churches engage to make their schools better. These churches make their immediate community a good and desirable place to live. These churches will populate heaven for eternity.” ~Glen Elliott, Lead Pastor


Revive Christian Community

Church planting has been part of Pantano Christian Church’s story since 2006. Over a 6 year period, 3 other campuses have been launched, each with a different location and focus on their neighborhoods. In August of 2012 it became apparent God was moving the pieces together for another campus to begin the process.

By early spring of 2013, a bi-lingual team began to form. Four Pantano couples, and their families, came together to lead the process. A few other couples joined them to start a Spanish/English “gathering”, in preparation to launch. We watched God orchestrate the details for a February, 2014 Pantano campus was launched in the Van Buskirk Elementary School. Touching lives in this neighborhood, and blessing families and staff through the school, keeps the volunteer team of Revive Comunidad Cristiana very busy!

Lead Pastor:
Saul Galvan

Launch Date:



Move City Church

Pantano’s first campus launch was an opportunity presented by a group of Christ followers who wanted to make a difference in Sierra Vista and decided the mission and values of Pantano was just what they needed.

After a successful “Move That Church” giving campaign at both the East Tucson and Sierra Vista campuses, they moved into their spacious new property at 200 North Avenue in July 2012.

Lead Pastor:
Jesse Colburn

Launch Date:
August 2008



Elements City Church

Elements City Church started as a service to reach those left behind by traditional church and was launched as a Saturday night service in September 2007. In January 2008, Elements was relaunched without fanfare as a Sunday evening service. In 2013, Pantano and Casas Church partnered to realize the dream of launching the Elements service as a church. The planting of Elements City Church into mid-town Tucson is led by Jack Schull and Bryan Lee at the helm as Lead and Executive Pastors, respectively.

Lead Pastors:
Jack Schull and Bryan Lee

Launch Date:



Vail Christian Church

Pantano planted Vail Christian Church in 2006, which is a thriving church currently averaging over 600 in attendance. Pastor Ben Pitney, formerly a Student Pastor at Pantano, leads his staff to make a positive difference in the Vail community and for God’s Kingdom with this healthy, growing church.

Lead Pastor:
Ben Pitney

Launch Date:


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