Kid’s Check In & Out Process


  1. Sunday Mornings: All families will begin their Sunday morning in ED 1, our Welcome Center. In the Welcome Center, our volunteers will place a pre-numbered wristband on each adult in your family who might be picking up a child. For those attending services Saturday or Wednesday evening, parents will go straight to their child’s class to receive their parent wristband.
  2. After receiving your wristband, you may head to your child’s class. Your child’s teacher will write your wristband number on a blank band and place that on your child’s wrist.
  3. While they are doing this, please find your child’s name on the roster, circle the hour he/she is attending, write your wristband number, and sign your name in the space provided. Nursery sign in will also require you to leave a cell phone # if you have one.
  4. Make your child a name tag and place it on your child.
  5. Say goodbye and enjoy the service! If you have other children, simply head to each child’s class and follow the same procedure.


  1. Head to your child’s class and when you are at the front of the line, ask for your child by name. When the child comes up to you, the teacher will compare your wristbands for a number match.
  2. The teacher will then carefully cut the wristband off your child while you sign him/her out and take off their name tag. YOUR wristband will remain on so that you can continue to pick up any other children that may be with you.

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