African Internship Training Center

Dayo Obaweya

Pantano has partnered with Dayo and his work in West Africa since 2008. Our objective is to support of the Africa Internship Training Center in Sege, Ghana. Through the development of this 20-acre property, Dayo trains ministry leaders in structured sessions throughout the year. In addition, the center has a home and school for orphaned youth in the region. The AITC provides a family style upbringing for these youth who are too old to attend traditional African orphanages. The youth are taught the disciplines listed below and Community Health Evangelism (CHE) principles so they can re‐enter a community with the skills to earn a living and share their knowledge.

Dayo obtained his bachelor’s degree in Survey after studying at universities in Lagos, Ondo, and Manila. Dayo speaks Yoruba, English and Tagalog. In 2000 Dayo was introduced to Community Health Evangelism (CHE) and has since been a tireless and dedicated worker in training CHE skills and core values to the people of his country. As a CHE Facilitator, he recruited and partially funded multiple trainers. He has been highly respected among community leaders and enjoys good relationships among them. Even in Muslim villages, he is asked to speak about his love of Jesus. He has ushered many people into God’s Kingdom. He has trained in venues such as refugee camps, slums built on garbage heaps, and villages difficult to access. Dayo’s efforts provided the formation of a non-government organization (NGO) in Nigeria, a necessary entity for growing LifeWind’s work in West Africa.

In January 2005 Dayo changed his job role from CHE Facilitator to Area Coordinator, increasing the territory for which he was responsible for oversight of national workers. He networks with mission organizations and churches in West Africa and beyond. Dayo also continues efforts to give his countryman an awareness of HIV/AIDS, many of whom are in denial of its existence. His training teaches lifestyle practices which greatly reduce opportunities to contract AIDS. Just a year later, in January 2006, LifeWind approached Dayo about co-leading with two other highly skilled men the entire nation of Africa, focusing his attention in seven countries in West Africa. One of his fellow co-leaders said of Dayo: “He eats, breathes, and constantly thinks about how to help Africa through the work of CHE.”

Africa Internship Training Center, (AITC)

Specific Ministry Objectives:
To help to redeem man from physical and spiritual poverty. This is reflected in the acronym (REDEEM).

Main Focus:
The principal activities of the training center will cover the following:

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