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God called the Tompkins family to work with the City of Refuge Ministries in Ghana. City of Refuge is an orphanage that rescues children trafficked to commercial fisheries on Lake Volta. Children that were previously mistreated and abused can, for the first time, attend a Christian school and now have a loving home. However, they are in need of medical care, and City of Refuge has asked the Tompkins to come and start a clinic to serve not only the orphanage but also the school and the nearby community which has no health care provider.

Troy, a family doctor, and Jammie, a family nurse practitioner, serve together with their two children, Yvette and Timothy. Also, they work alongside Dayo Obewa, the Coordinator for Medical Ambassadors International for all of West Africa. They assist him in training local leaders in community health evangelism, who can then reach out and serve in their local communities focusing on helping these communities help themselves by using their strengths and local resources to minimize their dependence on outsiders.

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What you can expect on this short-term mission:

Once the Tompkins get more established within the local medical community and at CORM, there may be short term trips for partnership encouragement and development, to help facilitate training events, and to encourage local leaders and believers.

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