India – The Francisco Family

The Franciscos moved to India in 2013 where they work as social entrepreneurs striving to catalyze lasting, positive change among distressed and long ignored Muslim communities. Some of the ways in which they’ve been engaged are:

Partnering with and empowering national believers to bless and reach their Muslim neighbors
Facilitating community health development among villages and community networks in need
Social business ventures designed to help address systemic problems

The region that they live and work in is one of the most dense focal points of need in the world, both physically and spiritually. Sickness, extreme poverty and the lack of value for women are ubiquitous. It’s their hope to see the love and teachings of Jesus help mend broken hearts and lives.

This awesome family has been PCC members since 2006. They’ve made amazing progress in language learning and cultural adaptation as they engage their neighbors. Opportunities to work with local church leaders continue to grow and they are excited by the increasing desire among Muslim communities to see wholistic health—spiritually, physically, emotionally, and socially.

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