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Connecting Hope Mission is an holistic ministry that is all about bringing hope to those who have lost hope. “We want to give hope to those who are physically suffering, socially abandoned, economically trapped, and spiritually seeking.” Connecting Hope Mission is implementing the key strategies of Community Health Evangelism (CHE) and Bridges (Biblical Storytelling) in Santo Domingo, Ecuador.

Praises and Prayer Requests:


Prayer requests:

What you can expect on this short-term mission:

You will be out in the barrios with the Connecting Hope Mission team helping those who are in difficult life situations; sharing your love with them as you come along side them serving in a number of ways. This includes ministry to seniors, women, youth, and children. Sometimes we join the community in a light construction project that they are doing. Our short-term missions greatly encourage both our partner and the local believers.

For more information contact Dan Subra: or 651.900.9636

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