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TRIUMPH is an acronym for Together Radically Impacting Unreached Muslim People’s Hearts. Team TRIUMPH is composed of all the people here at home who partner with Lena in Southeast Asia to reach the people of Southeast Asia with the Good News.

The “Sea Tribe” is an unreached group of about 2.5 million scattered over an area of about 3,000 islands. They are over 99% Muslim, mostly practicing folk Islam. God has been preparing Lena since she was a child to go and live among this specific people group in order to be a light to them and lead them to Jesus. Shi is a master trainer of church planting movement strategies. She is trained in Bridges and CHE and is fluent in the local language of the Sea Tribe.

Prayer Requests:

What to expect during this short-term mission:

A typical mission lasts 16 days, including travel time.  During that 16 days you travel for 1.5 days and arrive at a base camp. Once there you will connect with Indigenous workers, participate in additional team training prior to departure to your first island and then head out to the islands where you will stay for 5 days. While on the islands, you will work with translators who are trained evangelists in order to get to know the people and culture for the purpose of sharing “stories” (aka Bible stories) and helping the translator (who is a permanent worker and fellow country-person) develop friendships so once you depart, they are able to continue to the relationships started while you are there. You will then return to Base Camp for a few days and then head out to a second island and repeat the process. While in the islands, you work with the locals to improve their communities and help bring about community health education.

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