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Unite 4 Africa (U4A) works to see the lasting transformation of communities in East and West Africa.  They use the highly successful strategies of Community Health Evangelism (CHE) and Biblical Storytelling to catalyze community transformation and church planting movements in several African nations.  U4A works in many unreached areas such as the northern part of Ghana which is over 99% Muslim. They have planted many churches there and the CHE development strategy is under way.

Unite 4 Africa’s ministry activities include:
•    Church planting & community transformation
•    HIV/AIDS Prevention
•    Orphans empowerment and support
•    Clean water projects
•    Medical clinics
•    Leadership training
Learn more about U4A at: www.unite4africa.org

Praises and prayer requests:


Prayer Requests:

What you can expect on a short-term mission:

Destinations for short-term missions with U4A include Kenya, Ethiopia and Ghana. Activities include visits to villages to encourage local believers and U4A leaders,  teaching, working alongside locals as they take on projects to improve their communities, and playing with children.

For more information contact Greg and Valerie (Val) Semlow at 760-0848 or semlowg@gmail.com

Unite4Africa Newsletter: (Scroll to the bottom and look on the right hand side) unite4africa.org

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