On July 8th, 2020 / by Glen Elliott

Constant Change

I did a blog on May 27th called “Changes.” Well, more changes have been happening since then. That is the season we live in. So much has happened just in the last month. I’m back from my vacation I take during the month of June. It was more disrupted than usual (as has been the […]

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On August 6th, 2020 / by Glen Elliott


You might be wondering when we will regather for physical services. Our staff is addressing that very question right now. I’ll share the details with you next week. There are lots of issues connected with such a decision. I want you to know the kinds of things we are considering to resume well.  I know […]

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Thoughts Self Growth

On July 29th, 2020 / by Glen Elliott

Loss and Grief

I’ve been feeling, dwelling on, and thinking a lot about loss and grief these last few months. Every one of us has experienced a ton of loss through this COVID-19 season. We’ve lost freedoms. We’ve lost interpersonal connections. We’ve lost jobs or income. We lost our routines and “normal.” We’ve lost peace. Many of us […]

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Announcements Self Growth

On July 22nd, 2020 / by Glen Elliott

Going Deeper

Do you want to go deeper in your faith and walk with Jesus? There are three opportunities coming up that will give you tools to grow closer to God:  Deeper Dive – Tuesday, July 28 – 7:30pm Our Deeper Dives follow a teaching series; our next one concludes our series, The Eye of the Storm. […]

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Thoughts Self Growth

On July 15th, 2020 / by Glen Elliott


Some of my greatest regrets are those times when I failed as a friend. Just this week, one of those regrets came pouring into my mind. One of my best friends is Ukrainian. When I started to investigate working in Ukraine, the communist economy created shortages and deficits of almost everything like toilet paper, food, […]

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