We are not having services again… but not because of COVID. There will be no services on Sunday, November 15th so we can be the church in our city. Serve Our City is returning this year, and it’s bigger than ever. We have 15 other churches joining us in loving our city. Imagine what an impact on our community that the church of our city will make!

Sign Up!

If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time. Sign up here. The time slots for Sunday are 9 AM-11 AM or 1 PM-3 PM. We have options on-site at the East Campus, off-site all over Tucson, and even some at-home projects. There are opportunities for all ages and abilities. You can serve as an individual, as a family, or as a group.


Childcare is available at Pantano from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM for children four and under. Sign up here for childcare.


We have a new t-shirt design this year, and you can pick them up beginning Sunday, November 8th, in the courtyard of the East Campus.


Can’t serve with us? Maybe you could provide some of the donations needed for our day to bless our city. Click here to provide donations.

For more information about Serve Our City and to learn about all of the projects available, please visit pantano.church/serveourcity. We look forward to serving with you! This is who we are at Pantano: We are generous in serving our community and joining God as he impacts our city.

Glen Elliott

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We just started a new series called Peacemakers. Why? Our nation (and world) needs peace. You and I need peace. Jesus calls us to be peacemakers to fulfill our true identity as his children (Matthew 5:9). But on our own, we can’t make peace. Peace first starts inside us before it can move beyond us. The source of peace is God and God alone.

God reminded me of a situation in the book of Acts. It’s found in Acts 12:1-19. King Herod has just arrested people in the new church that had formed. He put James and John, some of the first disciples, to death. Being an astute politician, he saw that made the Jews happy so he arrested Peter too. He was going to do to Peter what was done to Jesus!

Then there’s Acts 12:5 – So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him. The church prayed earnestly! What happened? An angel appeared, his chains dropped off and he walked right past the guards. That would be a great ending, but there’s more.

He goes to the very place where people had gathered to pray. Can you imagine the celebration that occurred when Peter showed up? Peace came over the church. They saw God act in a mighty and powerful way. God did the impossible. 

What if today we decided to do less talking, posting, complaining, and venting and focused more on praying? What if we did like the early church and prayed earnestly as we head into this toxic and partisan election season? What if we asked God to do the impossible – unite our city and nation and bring peace? What if…?

Here are some practical ways you can pray:  


J17 Ministries has initiated the #PrayForTheUSA prayer movement. It is a very specific call to pray…

  • that elections are protected from voter fraud and voter suppression.
  • that both parties accept the final vote tallies as legitimate.
  • that our nation is protected from further civil unrest and anarchy.

This call is NOT for prayer that a specific candidate or party wins or loses the election. Learn more here and join the movement!

10 Days of Prayer for Tucson

4Tucson is sponsoring a 10-Day prayer meeting for Tucson. It starts Friday, September 18th. We are praying for God’s kingdom to advance, for supernatural unity in God’s church, and for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Click here to find out more. 

We encourage you to intentionally pray in the upcoming weeks. God hears us, and it changes our hearts in the process.

Glen Elliott

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