We are a Group of women who come together to help the elderly, disabled or ill women of Pantano. Our goal is to put our faith in action by helping them with chores that might be difficult to due to their current circumstance or schedule visitation for those who need some company.
For example: basic house cleaning, errand running or companionship visits. You can easily select which needs you are able to help with and when. Our hope is this ministry can be done no matter what other life commitments you may have.
Do you have a heart to help our women in need? If yes, we need you!

Please contact the Group Leader for more details or to request assistance.
Contact the Group Leader


Dine 1-1 provides meals to individuals and families on a short-term basis to those in crisis through illness, hospital stays and deaths in the family.
Contact the Group Leader for more details.
Dine-1-1: Provide Meals

Dine-1-1: Request for Meals

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