Bible Basics is a 9-week interactive class held on Pantano East campus. Students will experience an overview of the basic structure of the Bible, important Christian doctrines, and a four-step process for Bible study. Students discover the overarching themes of Scripture, and more. Bible Basics is for students who wish to learn how to study the Bible in context or refresh their skills for studying or teaching. Homework is required. Also required is access to a computer, a wi-fi connection, a printer, and a Bible. Cost for the class curriculum is $20.00 (1 per student.) This is a $60.00 course taken elsewhere!
Classes start Monday, September 13 – November 08 at 6:30pm.
Register Here: Bible Basics Fall 2021
Anyone with questions about the class can contact the instructor:
Bill Ross
520-444-3222 voice or text


Our group focuses on our relationship with God more than just being single. We realize that we are whole without a spouse at this time. Be happy-Be whole. Don’t look for wholeness in another person. We are pursuing a relationship with Jesus by living out God’s purpose for our lives.
This Life Group is for those who have been married, divorced, widowed, single parents and never been married. God desires for us to develop Connection, Grow and Go. God doesn’t want us to live in isolation.
We meet on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month from 6pm-7:30pm online using Zoom. Contact the Group Leader for more details.

Contact the Group Leader

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This women’s Group provides a safe and supportive place to explore the Bible and thus our relationship to God that brings us closer to Him and the person He desires us to be.
We meet online every Monday night between 7pm-8pm.
Contact the Group Leader for more details.

Contact the Group Leader

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Let’s Dance is a women’s dance fitness class using amazing music from around the world. Similar to other dance exercise classes, routines are done to a variety of music. Including all Latin rhythms, pop, oldies, caribbean & more! Plus, the intensity can be modified to fit most fitness levels. If you want to smile as you sweat with a great group of ladies then this is for you! Good for the Heart & Soul!
We meet each Monday evening at 6:15pm in the Student Union.

We will do our best to use caution & space ourselves accordingly. But this is an exercise class that requires moving & breathing.
So, if you are not comfortable or at high risk please do not rejoin class at this time. You can join us when you are able.
And, of course, don’t come if you have been exposed to someone with Covid and are not out of your 2 week quarantine.
No hugging…..but waves & smiles are allowed. :o)
Contact the Group Leader for more details.

Contact the Group Leader


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