A Bible study that never ends where you can make forever friends!
We are doing life together and support each other.
Our Group meets each Saturday morning from 9:30-11:30am off campus in the 85710 zip code
. Contact the Group Leader for more information.

Contact the Angel Hearts Group Leader


A deeper dive into our real relationship with God. Great studies and real life applications. Learn to live out your faith!
Proverbs 27:17
“As iron sharpens iron, so shall one man another”
Proverbs 13:20
“Walk with the wise, and become wise”- Wisdom is from God.
We meet each Saturday morning on Pantano’s campus from 8am-9:30am.
Contact the Group Leader for more details.

Contact the Group Leader


We are a recreational and spiritual hiking Group that enjoys fellowship in God’s creation.
All are welcome, but we are mostly a women’s Group.

All of our hikes start around sunrise to take advantage of cooler mornings and earlier starts. We have three levels of hiking. On the 1st Saturday of every month we’ll be featuring our advanced hike. It will have elevation, longer trails (6-11 miles) and last several hours-often past lunchtime. This is not the hike to choose if you are just starting out or are out of shape. The 2nd & 3rd Saturday of every month will be our intermediate hikes. These hikes will not have as much elevation and will vary from 3-7miles and take 2-6 hours-still, consider your skill level before joining. The Tucson walkabout occurs on the 4th Saturday of each month and we’ll walk about 2 miles-often on paved or packed dirt paths. These are good treks for beginners.
Contact the Group Leader for the location of the next hike!

Contact the Group Leader


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