PathWays to Global Understanding

The condensed version of PathWays to Global Understanding, called PathLight, is coming to Pantano starting April 3!

For those of you who have not taken PathWays (or Perspectives, which is essentially the same), this is THE BEST course on missions available anywhere. It is better than any Bible college or seminary class. It is essential for missions-active people.

"PathWays is vital for anyone who is serious about making a global difference. It is simply life changing. It totally transformed my life and ministry. It helps a person change their focus, passion and understanding to what God is doing in the world. We require this for all our members leading in mission or serving as global ambassadors for Christ. If a person could only take one course of training, this is the ONE course." - Glen Elliott

What's even better about PathLight? It's only 6 weeks (vs 13) and only costs $90 (vs $240), but still covers the same main learning points! Scholarships available.

For more information and to register, click here.

  • Meeting Day: Mondays
  • Meeting Time: Evening

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