Christmas is here! We are so excited about Christmas eve at Pantano, and YOU are invited! Join us for a free event as we celebrate the season through amazing music, powerful storytelling, and some fun-filled activities. Bring your friends and family to help us make this the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!

Preschooler parents drop off your kid’s stuffed animal on Friday, January 27th at 5:30p. Get treats for your kids to take home and follow along on Instagram as your kids stuffed animal enjoys a movie, crafts, snacks, and so much fun. Their stuffed animal will spend the night at the church. We’ll stage pictures of the stuffed animals doing various activities and post on social media. The next morning (January 28th at 8:30a) everyone comes back to pick up their stuffed animal and have breakfast together. Breakfast will be provided by the Pantano Cafe. It’s a preschool slumber party without the work of a preschool slumber party!

Dedications are designed for parents to take the time to specifically dedicate their child to God.

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© 2022 Pantano Christian Church | All Rights Reserved.

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