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One of the best ways to truly see how being All-In can affect not only your spiritual relationship with God but have a lasting impact on those we serve is to hear directly from the people who are living a life All-In. Take a look at some of the people right here at Pantano that have taken the step and committed to being All-In!

Joe and Sarah

Joe and Sarah have been attending Pantano for almost two years and love to serve at Pantano. Weekly they volunteer in Children’s Ministry as teachers in 3-5 grade, but more than that, they also help lead a small group and have participated in our Rocky Point Mission. Listen to what Joe has to say to anyone thinking about going on our Rocky Point mission.

“If I were going to tell someone about Rocky Point who is hesitating about making the decision, I would say, go. I wouldn’t hesitate. I would trust God, I would listen to the holy spirit and I would say go.”


One of Lomax’s greatest joys is when he is able to see the growth of children throughout the weekend service. Take a listen to how serving, especially with children, has affected Lomax and his relationship with God.

“The biggest impact volunteering is the positive outlook I have after engaging with the the preschoolers. It’s exhausting, but the reward is watching them learn a new song or repeat back the memory verse or story from the previous week. Watching the kids blossom and grow is a privilege to witness. Serving makes me more humble and helps me escape the daily grind.”


Christine has been serving at Pantano for almost 5 years and has found that there are many different capacities she loves to serve in. Not only does she volunteer as a graphic designer with our Communications team but she works every week to prepare communion for our weekend services.

“I love that I can serve but also attend services. I love the fact that you can really connect with your team and it’s rewarding to work hard and is such a good balance of service and fellowship.


Kaeli has been at Pantano for many years. Starting out in Student Ministry, Kaeli soon learned how rewarding it is to follow God’s call to be All-In and serve him. “Volunteering has brought me closer to God by showing me how God works in other people around me.”

In addition to the work God is doing in Kaeli, she has seen the way it can bring people together and build relationships with even the most unexpected people. “Volunteering at Pantano has helped me connect with people that I otherwise wouldn’t have. I look forward to seeing the kidos every Sunday and be able to love on them and helping them grow closer to God.”


One of the greatest ways committing to being All-In and stepping out to serve has done is allowed people to discover that learning about others spirituality and that spiritual growth can happen anywhere.

“Being a teacher for the children that are three and four years old all the way up to the teenagers in middle school or high school has taught me a lot about how to relate to children or teenagers who are not on the same spiritual level as myself. I often find myself learning from the kids who don’t know a whole lot about who God is because I slowly get to know them and together we talk about God and how we can apply what we’ve learned together to our lives. My relationship with God has grown through certain people that have been placed in my life to teach me many different lessons.”

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