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Self Growth

On October 13th, 2021 / by Glen Elliott

Practical Training

I wanted you to be aware of a couple of really powerful conferences hosted at the Pantano campus. Both of these are valuable to anyone who wants to serve others – students, kids, schools, small groups, etc. 3rd Annual Reclaiming Hope Conference, October 22, 2021 – 8:30-4 pm Almost everyone has been touched by some […]

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Self Growth Thoughts

On October 6th, 2021 / by Glen Elliott


In my Bible reading, I consistently return to reading the Gospels because I want to keep coming back to Jesus. I’m just finishing reading Matthew. This time I noticed something I had never observed before about Jesus’ teaching. Mercy was a big deal to him.  I love Compassion International’s definition of mercy – Mercy is […]

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Self Growth Thoughts

On September 29th, 2021 / by Glen Elliott


The record monsoon rain has brought us an abundance of weeds. I drive past houses that are overgrown like I’ve never seen before. I just happened to be reading the parable of the weeds that Jesus told in Matthew 13:24-30 last week. He explained the parable in verses 36-43. Take the time to click the […]

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Self Growth Teaching Series

On September 22nd, 2021 / by Glen Elliott


What triggers you? What sets you off? Long ago, I learned that when someone disrespects me (which is different from disagreeing with me), I am tempted to respond in anger. Why? What’s below the surface that causes disrespect to trigger an irrational emotional response? For me, the disrespect was tapping into my own sense of […]

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