We have great news! We have a new Lead Pastor. It’s with overwhelming joy, excitement and honor that we get to introduce to you Trevor DeVage. Read Glen’s latest blog post for the details.

“We are called to Go and Make Not Sit and Take.” – Trevor Devage

UPDATED: January 14th, 2022

We have a new lead pastor!

We have a new Lead Pastor! Trevor DeVage is the ninth senior leader in our 60 years of existence. 

Fifteen years ago (2007) I had an amazing and smooth transition becoming the Lead Pastor. Tim Coop, my predecessor, handed me the leadership of our church. He was gracious, supportive, and encouraging. Tim had my back and set me up to succeed. I had to fill some big shoes. I’m forever grateful for him and his role in my life and the life of our church. He not only set me up to do well, but he helped our church make that huge transition. It’s my desire to do the very same for Trevor.

It’s an absolute honor to have Trevor DeVage succeed me. I trust him. He loves Jesus. Has a godly character.  He loves lost people. We share the same basic values and beliefs. He wants to continue to lead our church to care for and invest in our community and continue to fulfill our existing vision and mission. Trevor checks off all the boxes that were important to me (and the elders and staff) for whoever would succeed me.  And, there’s another plus – we are friends. 

I want you to know that Trevor is now MY pastor. I’m so honored to serve with him and under him. Trevor has my full support and that of the elders and staff. I am truly excited that he is the new Lead Pastor of our Church. I look forward to him leading Pantano into a good and better future.

We are in a season of transition from now until June. The DeVage family will move to Tucson in June after their oldest daughter graduates from high school. Trevor will be part-time until June and will be in Tucson about a week each month and preach once a month. I’ll lead us through this transition period and this spring Trevor and I will develop my job description for my next chapter here at Pantano.

Glen Elliott
Former Lead Pastor

Rescue others by snatching them from the flames of judgment. Jude 23

About Trevor Devage

Here’s a bit more about Trevor. He went to college at Lincoln Christian University and completed his degree in preaching with a minor in youth ministry. He followed this up with a teaching degree from Wheaton College. During the next three years, he pursued his love of music playing as a drummer in a band. However, the Lord led him back to ministry—first youth ministry, then preaching, where he spent ten years serving at Compass Christian in Dallas, Texas. Trevor joined Christ’s Church (Mason, Ohio) as Lead Pastor in 2013. 

Trevor is married to his wife, Laura, and has two daughters, Ella (senior in HS) and Natalie (freshman in HS). They enjoy the outdoors and this means lots of basketball and walks in the park. Trevor’s other passions are golf, music, photography, the arts, and the Florida Gators. His ultimate goal in life is “that it is evident that I’ve spent time with Jesus.”

You can learn more about Trevor at:

DeVage Family Photo


Please begin to pray for the DeVage family as they begin their season of transition from Ohio to Tucson and to Pantano. Please continue to love our church as you have. Continue to serve as you have served in the past. Continue to give as you have given and please continue to pray for our church, Elders, and staff.

We are so excited for this new season for Pantano, and hope that you are too! If you have any questions about this process or about Trevor, feel free to reach out to us by clicking the button below.

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