Giving demonstrates our dependence on God. We acknowledge that all we own has been given to us by Him. In His generosity toward us, God desires that we, too, are generous and will use our resources as a tangible way to partner with Him in His work in the world and in the lives of those around us. We are blessed to be a blessing.

We are called and equipped by the Holy Spirit to share God’s love by participating in the ministry of Jesus. He has given us agency with him to influence our society and the world fearlessly. When we serve in the world and in His Church, we impact those around us and reveal God’s glory.

Jesus saves those who believe and call upon his name. Saving grace is once and for all and also a continual invitation to repent for our wrongdoings. With the help of the Spirit, we take inventory of our lives, humbly and honestly confess our sins, and turn away from our sins toward God in surrender. Through Jesus’ offer of forgiveness, we receive true freedom.

One of the most important elements in any relationship is communication. Prayer is just that. It is engaging God in a conversation, sharing our hearts with Him, and spending time listening to his voice. How we see God and how we feel God sees us changes how we pray.

Scripture is the very word of God. Through it, He equips us with all we need to learn about Him and live a life pleasing to Him. A daily rhythm of reading, meditating on and applying God’s word to our lives is key, and he wants our daily devotion, not just checking a box. This is how we Be One Get One.

If you’ve been struggling, feeling trapped by fear, guilt, or shame, it’s time to break free. Don’t let your past define you. Instead, embrace the potential that God has placed within you. Shift your focus from denying to testifying. Your unique story, with all its imperfections, can inspire and impact others.

Discover the transformative power of love and the profound impact it has on our lives. In this captivating narrative, we explore the essence of love and its ability to change everything in an instant. From the longing to hear those three words, ‘I love you,’ to the risks involved in expressing love, this heartfelt reflection delves into the universal desire to be loved and accepted.

We all desire to be chosen, valued, and accepted. In a world full of imperfections, pain, and struggles, we are faced with a choice. We can either mask our problems and put on a facade of happiness, or we can acknowledge our need for God and genuine connection with others.

We live in a world where everyone seems to be unsure of who they really are. We are seeing a cultural identity crisis. We want to help people lean into who God says they are vs. who the world is trying to convince them they are. Admitting we are not perfect is not the end but actually the beginning of finding our identity.

We often feel like we have a right to be angry or offended and the truth is we do have a right – but being a Christ follower is about giving up your rights. It’s about surrendering those rights to a higher calling. As the church may we not be known by what we’re against but may we be known by our love.

When we have nothing left, when we are empty; when we’re frustrated, angry, disappointed, and discouraged; when the circumstances can’t get any worse – where do we go? What do we do? We turn to the One who’s our strength.

As Jesus paved the way for us to have restored relationships. We can overcome our mistakes and not let that be our identity anymore, but who we are in Christ. We can have relationships restored, we can keep them, and they can become even better than they were before something happened. But we have to really press into what it looks like to forgive and stop avoiding those hard and difficult things. We can move forward from what should never have happened. We can keep relationships and have them stronger than ever. We can make mistakes and let others learn from theirs. People can change, be redeemed & restored.  

We are so often driven by what we see. We make decisions, approach our relationships, and even live out our faith based on what our eyes see in the physical world. The issue is that the Bible tells us to be even more aware and live according to what is happening in the spirit realm (or upside down)…the reality we don’t see. There is a war going on for our souls, and the only way to fight it is through a spiritual battle.

Life is hard…The good in life is hard…there’s nothing you achieve that’s good that doesn’t require some effort or pain…The bad is also hard…Poor choices also lead to the pain of regret…There is a reward on the other side of one pain and regret on the other side of another pain…Life is hard…But here’s the other reality: You get to choose your hard.

Gritty people do something that many of us struggle with;  They continue to “Go One More” even when it’s NOT COMFORTABLE because success is not a comfortable pursuit. Gritty people know that if you stay in your comfort zone, you will fail. So you need to get uncomfortable being uncomfortable if you ever want to be successful.

So many times in our lives, we want to change and do something to be better at our faith and life; however, we usually give up. When things get hard, we are done. What if we chose to have the grit to go through with it? In this series, we are going to understand that every part of our life is spiritual, and we are going to get gritty to lean and mean in our faith and lives.

Anxiety is so prevalent in our society, whether you are a follower of Jesus or not.  But, we have tools to defeat anxiety and create calm in our thoughts: Celebrate the truth about God, Ask for God’s help, List things you are thankful for, and Meditate on what is true.

What comes into your mind comes out in your life. What stronghold is holding you back? What truth from God’s word demolishes that stronghold? Write it, think it, and confess it until you believe it.

We can all have a mental filter that impacts how we think. But, we can choose the powerful tool of reframing, which is a different way of interpreting a situation or relationship by changing its meaning. Looking through the lens of God’s goodness and gratitude is the first step in winning the war in your mind.

Thoughts are powerful. They change our perspective, impact our decisions, and influence our habits. What do we do when we become trapped by our thoughts? Learn how to take your thoughts captive and win the war in your mind as Pastor Trevor launches this new and powerful series.

Jesus is the resurrection and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Him and His resurrection. His resurrection is resurrecting us. His resurrection CHANGES EVERYTHING for us.

On Palm Sunday, we gather to worship this surprising, unexpected, unanticipated Jesus who saves us and rescues us in a way that goes beyond our wildest dreams. We have to confront the reality that Jesus knew of the cross and willingly went, and in doing so, this became the turning point in human history.

When you have been radically transformed by God, the natural response is to connect with other people to make a difference.

Scripture is God-breathed and is to inspire and transform our way of thinking, living, and loving. We need to be willing to allow God’s word to transform the way in which we live.

Radical Generosity is us helping people not like us experience a Jesus who became just like us.

When we go above and beyond with generosity, people experience the love and grace of an “above and beyond” God. Today, Pastor Trevor continues our series, Difference Makers, with the message, Radical Generosity Reshapes Our World.

If we truly want people to know Jesus, we must call them to something greater than ourselves. We must call them to a Kingdom and a royal priesthood. This will require us to reach those outside our culture, in new ways. Today, special guest speaker Jeremy Jernigan continues our series, Difference Makers.

Being right is not the goal or the posture we will take. Being like Jesus to help others see Jesus is the goal.

Grace is the first response we have with others. We will be a grace-giving people even when it makes no sense. We will lead with and love others with the grace we have received first.

What do you need to fully surrender to God? To truly pray, “God, send me,” we need to have three things: A genuine experience with the presence of God, a genuine awareness of our sinfulness, and a genuine desire to go and do what God has called us to do.

Your most effective ministry will come out of your deepest hurts. What God reveals often heals. What often heals becomes our help for others.

Search me, O God, and know my heart.

This prayer takes us to the place where we are most vulnerable with God. It is a dangerous prayer that David prayed in Psalm 139 when he asked God to search his heart, reveal his fears and uncover his sins.

You will be blessed as your heart breaks over something that breaks the heart of God. What if God’s greatest blessings come from God’s greatest breakings? It’s better to hurt with a purpose than to exist without one.

A lot of times, we think that the voice of God is going to be the big and booming audible voice of God. How do we learn to lean in and hear what God wants to say?

Why is it that we, as followers of Jesus, know that we have access to go boldly before the throne of grace, that God hears our prayers, he’s moved by our faith, and yet so often, our prayer life can be inconsistent, can be haphazard, and is often faithless in so many ways?

Let’s start the new year with Dangerous Prayers. Today, we’ll spend some time on worship and prayer, where you’ll get the opportunity to pray through our campus and the various ministries we represent.

Merry Christmas, as we celebrate the birth of Christ! Today, Trevor DeVage shares the Christmas story of Jesus’s birth and how Joseph and Mary might have felt as new parents of the Messiah. When we find ourselves in challenging moments of wonder and awe, how do we be the people God created us to be? What is God putting on your heart for this coming year that will require you to lean into him?

We will have a moment of communion during our reflection time today; have some bread and juice ready.

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