If you’ve ever felt that church was boring or fake then you’re in luck! On Sunday mornings, students from all over Tucson are going to Pantano Student Ministry. Our campus is the perfect place to hang out and meet new people.

What we are about:

Community – A safe place for you to make friends and learn how to live out your faith with others. A place to find caring people who will be there  for you when you need them most and who desire the best for your life.

Growth – Learning more about what a relationship with God is and how to grow that relationship. Opportunities to stretch your faith and be challenged to develop your own personal relationship with God.

Knowledge – Teaching of the Scripture and how to read and understand it. Practical ways to live out your faith. The foundations of a relationship with God; prayer, obedience, love, faith, hope, and mercy.

Joy – We’re excited that you know the hope of Jesus’ love and sacrifice. That’s why we approach every Sunday with joy, worship and excitement. It’s my belief that God desires joy in our lives and we can find that joy and satisfaction in Him.

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Copyright © 2018 Pantano Christian Church