Young Adults

//THRIVE is the Young Adult Ministry of Pantano Christian Church. We want to help you love Jesus and propel you to be world changers. We know that we aren’t designed to do life alone and so //THRIVE is our answer to developing community for our Young Adults.

We Eat
From 5:30-6PM we serve dinner for everyone attending //THRIVE. If possible, a donation of $3 is requested but not required.
We Discuss
Each week, we’ll spend time learning about God’s Word and what that means to our life. This isn’t a lecture, but a discussion.
We Serve
We don’t just learn about the Bible, we practice the Bible. We’ll regularly schedule service opportunities in our community.
We Mission
We will provide opportunities for us to take mission trips where we raise funds together. We’re not meant to just sit here, we’re destined to change the world.

Our meeting times are casual and focused on building community, growing with Jesus, and changing the world. We meet every Sunday from 5:30-7PM in the Student Center.

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