What does God want you to focus on in 2020?

5 Steps to Finding and Living Your One Word:

1. PREPARE – Slow down, unplug and take time to reflect with no TV, music, phone or people to interrupt you. Think, pray or journal about what’s going on in you that most needs to be changed. How do you want to be better, different or transformed?

2. PRAY – Boldly ask God for clarity on the one thing he wants you to focus on. Ask God for your one word. Get a “God word,” not just a “good word”.

3. REFLECT – What is one scripture that you can meditate on, memorize and focus on during the entire year that speaks to your oneword idea?

4. SHARE – Share your one word with your spouse, friends, life group and on social media, using the hashtag #oneword.

5. LOOK – Look for ways to live out your word and look for unexpected surprises God has for you. Keep focused on your one word all year. Use your one word as a screensaver, phone screen reminder, put notes in your car and on mirrors, etc.


Download your #ONEWORD card or social media stories graphic.

How to add your #ONEWORD to your stories


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