What does God want you to focus on in 2021?

4 Steps to Finding and Living Your One Word:

  1. Prepare and Pray to discover your one word. Take time to slow down, unplug to think, reflect, journal, and pray to ask God to reveal the one word you’ll focus on. Boldly ask God for clarity and direction. Ask: “How will I make a difference for God in 2021?” The idea is not to rush into finding a word. You want to get a “God word,” not just a good word!
  2. Find a Scripture that supports your one word and meditate on it. You may want to memorize that scripture so that God’s Spirit can speak to your heart. It’s easy to do an internet search to find such scripture. Just search: “What does the Bible say about ___ (your one word).”
  3. Share your one word. Share it with your family, friends, small group, and on social media. Use the hashtag #oneword. When we verbalize our one word, we are more likely to remember it, focus on it, and live it out. Use your one word as a screensaver, or post it in your car or on your mirrors. 
  4. Live out your one word. Keep focused on your one word all year. Look and pray for opportunities God will give you to make a difference in 2021. 

Additional Steps to Help

  • Read Nehemiah 2:1 – 8. What gave Nehemiah the fortitude to wait and pray?
  • If you are waiting right now, what is God trying to teach you in the waiting? Waiting time is never wasted time. Often, God brings us a time of waiting to give us time to prepare for what He has for us. 
  • Clarity of vision is incredibly important to our vision becoming a reality. Write out what your vision will look like. You do the things on your heart that God is calling you to; what will that look like? What will your family look like? Your career? Be as vivid and detailed as possible. At this point, don’t hold back; let your imagination run wild.
  • Who do you need in your life? Nehemiah needed the king; he needed the king’s influence, connections, and finances. Who in your life is uniquely positioned to help you bring the vision God has given you to reality? This is the scary part because this is the moment that your dream goes public. 
  • Commit to praying each day for your vision. Ask others to pray with you. 
  • Live as if your vision will come true. Pastors Josh and Katie talked about by placing a plate at their table each week and talking about the child that would join their family. They began living as if what God called them to would happen; that’s the trust and faith God calls us to.


  1. Are there inconsistencies between what you say and what you do as it relates to your vision for your life or word for the year?
  2. In light of your strengths and weaknesses, where is the greatest potential for inconsistency?
  3. Is there an arena in which you have lost or damaged your integrity?
  4. What steps do you need to take to rebuild your integrity?


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