It’s time for a Room for More update. Room for More is what we are calling our new building project. The new building, called the Student Union, will go where the old modular classrooms were. They are gone. We gave one to Desert Lutheran Church and the other one to Move City Church in Sierra Vista (which we started in 2008). We hope to start moving dirt and preparing the site in the next two weeks…Lord willing!

Originally, we were going to build a 19,000 square foot building. Half was to be for our high school ministry and half was to be a two-story staff office complex. Because of our continued significant growth, we realized we needed even more room not only for students but also for our children. So, the new building will have two high-quality meeting venues with a lounge and cafe between the two venues. The venues will house our high school and middle school on Sundays and will also provide large rooms for classes, events, weddings, funerals, and groups throughout the week. This is also a need because we are currently using every room on our campus on Wednesday nights!

And, this is so important; we’ll move our 4th and 5th graders to the existing student center in Towne Hall, which will make room for more children in our KidZone building. So, the new Student Union will make lots of room for our students and our children – two groups that are very important to us. They are the emerging generation of faith.

With this revised plan, we are going to build a 13,000 square foot building called a sprung structure. This building has a strong aluminum structure with an R30-rated insulated value two-layer surface. The exterior surface will match our campus paint scheme. It is maintenance-free, meaning we’ll never have to paint it, it will last as long as a typical roof and the replacement cost will be the same as a shingle roof. It is a sturdy and cost-effective way to build.

May I encourage you to go to the website at You can watch the full video there. You can also download the Room for More app with a 3D virtual tour. Text the word “go” to 520-447-2777 to download the app. Enter the code “pantano.” Use the app on your phone to show and tell others about what we are building here at Pantano.

The cost of the project will be around 2 million dollars. We’ve set aside and saved some money from our general giving and folks have already started giving. We need to get this built as soon as possible. We are out of room now. People come first. Making room for students and kids and their families is the main thing! So, we’ve taken out a loan to get the work started, but we want to be able to pay off the entire loan by the time we get occupancy for the Student Union. Doing so will keep us from bearing the extra burden of debt. We think we’ll have all the work done by March 2019 and we’d love to do an open house with the loan paid off. So, let’s join together as everyone participates in any way they can. Please prayerfully consider how you can help us build the Student Union debt free.

You can give online. Choose “Room for More” in the “Giving Fund” drop-down box. You can give a one-time or regular gift. You can be creative. One lady gave us her car, which we sold for $3500. One person is considering giving some gold coins. We can receive stocks as well. Please consider how you can give a generous, significant, sacrificial gift.

We are making progress on our new high school space (we are calling it the Student Union) and office building to make Room for More. Here’s the scoop on what has happened so far: The modulars, where the new building will go, are being moved as I type. Our loan is approved. We have our general contractor. We hope to have permits by the end of August. Lord willing, we’ll be able to occupy the Student Union in November; completing the offices and remodeling the current office spaces might take longer.

We are building a 19,000 square foot building to make room for our high school students. Our state-of-the-art Student Union is a necessary tool to allow us to serve our students well. Because we are out of room for our students, our high school and middle school are currently meeting together, which is not ideal. Further, we have filled our current student center at 9 AM and 11 AM. We need to make Room for More.

By moving all our offices (currently in 3 locations) into the new building, we’ll make room for children and students in the spaces where our offices currently are on our campus. Here’s how you can find out more about Room for More:

New Website and Video

We have a new website dedicated to making Room for More here at Pantano – Check here for updates. Soon, we’ll post the link for the app that will allow you to take a virtual tour of the new building.

On the website, you’ll find information, pictures, a helpful video giving you a tour that shows what the new building will look like inside and out, and a place to give financially. The website allows you to share the excitement with your friends and family.

Information Meetings

We’ll be hosting 20-minute information meetings this Sunday, 8/12, and on Sunday, 8/26, after each service; after the 9 AM and 11 AM services we’ll meet in the current Student Center (Towne Hall) and after the 1 PM service we’ll meet in the auditorium. We’ll also have an information meeting on Wednesday, 8/22 when our student small groups and adult classes start up. The Wednesday, 8/22 meeting will be at 6:30 PM in the Student Center.

Talk to Glen or Roger

If you’d like to talk to Glen or Roger about the project or about giving options, please contact us through our Administrative Assistant, Liz Marko – Either of us are more than happy to talk or meet with you.


Folks are already giving. To date, $132,580 has been given and we’ve saved and designated $169,000 from our general giving, making our fund total $301,580. We are still working on the final costs, but it will be somewhere near 2.5 million dollars. So, we are over 10% of the way there.

Please pray and consider how you can give a generous gift so we can pay for the building and not have to carry any debt as we begin the new year. You can give in all the usual ways – online or use our new offering envelopes. Or, maybe there’s a creative way you can give… for example, one person gave us a car which we were able to sell for cash; another person is giving some gold they inherited; some might consider stocks. Together, we can make Room for More.

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