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One Word

One Word

Happy New Year! It takes some practice to type 2018, instead of 2017! And one of our Pantano traditions in the new year is to prayerfully pick one word that we’ll focus on for the entire year. We use this to replace the normal New Year’s resolutions. One Word provides us a focus that increases […]

Renewal by Glen Elliott


Happy New Year! We welcome the new year because it brings the hope of renewal and fresh starts. I hope I can help us all truly experience a new year in a new way. New Year’s Eve falls on Sunday this year, but don’t be tempted to skip services. This Sunday, I’ll be sharing about […]

You Never Know! by Glen Elliott

You Never Know!

We started the idea of prayerfully picking one word to focus on for a whole year as we begin a new year, back several years ago. My first one word was generous. I thought I was a fairly generous person and was surprised that the Holy Spirit had impressed this on my mind. I had […]


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