Revolution Church merged with Pantano officially on Jan. 1, 2020. It was our hope (and still is) that we would plant churches and campuses together. Then COVID hit. Empire High School was closed. The timing could not have been worse!

We went fully online for a few months last year, and the roles of the Southeast Campus staff shifted. Jerry Tipton became our permanent Student Pastor. Katie Reich oversees Digital Discipleship. Josh Reich is leading the Teaching Team, creating content for the Next Steps, has led the Engage One strategy for our church, and more. They’re all crushing it. I’m so grateful we were able to keep them as a part of Pantano.

Here we are, 16 months later. Our leadership has talked, prayed, and asked God what is next for Pantano and the Southeast campus, and we have decided not to reopen the Southeast Campus. I know that is not the answer some attendees at our Southeast Campus want to hear right now, but I believe it’s the right one. Here are a few of the reasons why:

  • The Southeast Campus that existed before COVID is no more. The team that was there every week and some of the people who regularly attended wouldn’t be there now. During COVID, some folks found a new church home. We would have to rebuild everything – staff and volunteers, from the ground up. That very process would take six months to a year.
  • Because of COVID, we have to rebuild our entire church right now. Our staff has no margin as we regear to this new normal and what this means. We are in the midst of a lead pastor succession and a major auditorium remodel at the East Campus. So, it’s not the right time to launch a campus now. 
  • We are a kingdom-minded church. We want to see churches that are healthy and thriving all over our city. As we shut down the Southeast campus, another church in the Vail area wants to use Empire High School and could move into that space as we exit it. 

2020 didn’t go the way any of us expected. It’s been exhausting, frustrating, and deflating in various ways to all of us. But God was not surprised. And I see God’s faithfulness in so many ways. 

For those who were a part of Revolution who merged with Pantano and those who moved from Pantano East to the Southeast Campus, I want to encourage you to engage or re-engage here at the East Campus. If, for whatever reason, that’s not a good move for you, please let us help you find a healthy church option where you can be connected and invested. 

Our vision to plant churches and/or campuses has not changed; we just had to adjust our timing and expectations. It is still our commitment, and it is what we are doing to help create healthy, life-giving churches across our community. Please keep praying as we seek God’s leading for what’s next. 

Glen Elliott


In case you missed the announcement I made on Sunday, September 22nd, here’s the news. You can also watch the announcement video here. I’m excited to announce that Revolution Church is joining Pantano Christian Church and will become the next campus of Pantano as one church in multiple locations. In other words, Pantano is becoming multisite!

This journey has been born out of a ten-year relationship of trust between myself and Pastor Josh Reich. God has been at work to bring together two churches with a shared vision and values to have a greater kingdom impact. Having had a parallel purpose and a common mission, we believe that we will more effectively bring the love of Jesus to our city by multiplying healthy, life-giving churches and campuses. We believe Revolution and Pantano are better together.

This is such a natural and good union. Revolution’s vision has been to impact our city by planting a church within 10 minutes of anyone in the city. Two of Pantano’s key purposes is to reach people not connected to God or a church and also plant healthy life-giving churches. Over a year ago the leadership of Pantano decided to become a multisite church or one church in multiple locations. When Josh learned of this and after a season of prayer, he initiated the idea of Revolution joining Pantano. As Revolution joins Pantano, it is our hope that we can accomplish more, go further and faster and more effectively.

Revolution brings so much to this shared mission. Revolution is a mature, healthy church that has experience in doing portable/mobile church over the last eleven years. We don’t think of this as Revolution going away or being swallowed up by a big church. Revolution sees this as the next step toward greater impact and Pantano welcomes the leadership and richness Revolution brings to Pantano.

Here are a few more details. Also, check out our information page – click here.

  • Revolution becomes Pantano Southeast (meeting at Empire High School – 8 miles and 15 minutes south of our current building – map) officially on Sunday 9/29. All campuses will have live in-person teaching and live worship along with groups, children’s and student’s ministry.
  • All of the Revolution staff will become Pantano staff on September 29th, 2019. At the same time Revolution “legally” becomes Pantano and the sermon series and messages will align. Additional changes (branding, names, signs, website, technology updates, etc.) are being made and the transition will be complete and celebrated on January 5, 2020.
  • Josh is the Campus Pastor of Pantano Southeast leading his same team.
  • All campuses are overseen by one Pantano eldership and directed by the executive leadership currently at Pantano.

I’m asking and challenging anyone who can or will to consider checking out the new campus. Maybe you are ready to serve! Maybe this campus is closer and makes it easier to invite your neighbors. Maybe you like a smaller venue. Or maybe God is calling you to make a move without having to leave Pantano!


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