This week we start a new teaching series called I Got Questions. We’ll be looking at five of the more common questions that skeptics ask and that sometimes causes those who follow Jesus to question the validity of their faith. It’s my hope that this series will help both those who are skeptical and those who embrace faith in God to gain understanding and insight.

If you know someone who’s asking these kind of questions, invite them to join you. Here’s the questions we’ll be responding to: 1) Hasn’t science disproved faith? 2) Isn’t the Bible a man-made book of myths that’s full of errors, untrustworthy and irrelevant to the modern world? 3) Aren’t Christians arrogant, narrow-minded bigots suggesting there’s only one true God and only one way to God? 4) How can God be all powerful and good if he allows such evil and suffering? and 5) Jesus might have been a good man, but how can he be God?

The challenge is that there is so much to cover each week that just won’t fit into our allotted 35 minutes of teaching. So, each week, in our teaching notes, we’ll be adding resources you can use to go further in your understanding. We’ll suggest books, videos, classes and blogs that might be helpful. Here are a few to start with…


Each Wednesday after the Sunday message, the teacher will use this blog to address the topic they presented. These blogs will take the subject deeper or contain additional material we couldn’t cover in the message.

RightNow Media

If you haven’t done so already, join RightNow Media. This is a free digital resource (available via computer, smart phone, smart TV, Roku, etc.) that gives you access to thousands of videos about almost any subject. There are great Bible studies, teachings on marriage, parenting, leadership, discipleship and personal growth. There are videos for kids, for your small group, and even for the holidays. Check it out. It’s free at

Once you sign up, go to the “Apologetics” library for a wealth of resources where you can go deeper with the subjects we are addressing in this series. One resource that is helpful for our first teaching on the conflict of science and faith is the video The Search for Meaning – Science and God with Oz Guinness.

Arm Your Faith

Travis Swart will lead a class on apologetics. It’s an online class that lasts 10 weeks and starts September 3rd. Sign up here –

Our faith is reasonable and rational, and in humility, we welcome and want to engage in questions. We also want to be able to share with others how compelling and reasonable our faith is. Don’t miss this series, and consider inviting someone new to join you.


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