We are excited about regathering this Sunday, October 4th, for onsite worship at 9 am and 11 am. For those of you who are not ready to return in person, that’s totally fine. Please continue to join us online on Sundays at 9 am, 11 am, and 1 pm, or on-demand during the week.

For those of you who want to physically regather, we will continue to follow necessary safety measures to ensure we can remain open and keep everyone as healthy as possible:

  • We are asking everyone to wear masks while on campus – we’ll have extra masks for everyone who needs one. Children under five years and anyone with a medical condition who are considered exempt do not have to wear masks.
  • We are doing enhanced and frequent cleaning and sanitization. Rooms, tables, surfaces, chairs in the courts, bathrooms, and playgrounds will be sprayed down and disinfected before/after each service.
  • Hand sanitizer will be at entrances and exits.  
  • We are offering a touchless experience. Doors will be propped open. Download the Pantano App before attending so you can respond and give digitally.
  • We are providing communion in pre-packaged servings for you to pick up as you enter into services.
  • We have visual cues and signs to direct attendees to physical distance. Both courts and the auditorium will be open, offering lots of space to spread out.
  • We will be closing every other row in our auditorium and courts.
  • We ask that you refrain from hugs and handshakes and keep physically distanced when possible. 
  • If you or someone you have been in close contact with are not feeling well, please remain home and join us online!

Our Kid’s ministry will also begin on Sunday, October 4th at 9 am and 11 am. Check-in will be touchless! When you arrive, we’ll have folks with iPads to check you in at the Kids ministry check-in tent. Room occupancy will be limited to protect our children and staff. Should we fill up a room, we’ll ask your child to attend worship with you. We’ll be diligent in cleaning the rooms and toys and follow standard health procedures. 

Here’s the children’s written instructions link, and here’s the children’s video instructions link.  

Our main Student worship time has moved to Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm. Starting Wednesday, October 7th, our high school and middle school students will meet in the Student Union for worship, teaching, and small groups. On Sunday, starting October 4th, we encourage our students to either worship as a family or volunteer. We’ll also provide a student Bible study at 9 am and 11 am in the Student Union. Here’s the student ministry welcome and instruction link

Welcome back!

Glen Elliott

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Hope for the Homeless

We see the many homeless that are in Tucson. If you have a heart, you ache for those who suffer from mental illnesses that cause homelessness. You also ache for the mom and her kids who suffered setbacks or abuse and can’t get on top of things, consequently finding themselves out of their home looking for a safe place to stay. Or, the many other people who couldn’t afford medical costs, ran out of money and faced eviction. But, there’s hope for those who want help.

Tucson has an answer. It’s called the Center of Opportunity! The wait is finally over. The Center of Opportunity is finished and ready to begin transforming lives! The Center of Opportunity is a converted hotel convention center that has been remodeled to provide housing and services to the homeless in Tucson. The goal of all the services is to help the homeless be able to become self-sufficient and live healthy, productive lives. It is a one-stop shop for medical, social, job, recovery services and more. It is run by the Gospel Rescue Mission and both nonprofit and governmental organizations will be serving the homeless at one location.

At our Christmas Eve services we collected a special offering for the Center of Opportunity. Because of your generous support, we were able to send them $56,698. That, along with almost 250 folks who served there on our Serve Our City day, have been able to help make this place of hope a reality.

You are invited to attend the Building Dedication Ceremony of the H.S. Lopez Family Foundation Center of Opportunity on Saturday, May 18th from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

at 4550 S. Palo Verde Road, Tucson, AZ 85714. Tours will be available and refreshments will be served.


We take our safety seriously at Pantano. We’ve all heard about the attacks on churches, synagogues, and mosques in the US and around the world. Last Sunday, at the 11 am service, a man walked down the aisle holding a Bible and speaking to Pastor Brian (we later learned he intended to take the stage from Brian, who was teaching). Immediately our security team took him and sat him down, then escorted him out.

I want you to know that we do have security measures in place and continually add more as needed. We have installed bollards at all the gate entrances so a vehicle cannot enter the courtyard. We have monitored security video surveillance throughout the campus. We have Pima County Sheriffs on campus all day Sunday who are in contact with our security team. We have a trained and committed security team that has in-ear communication. Because backpacks have been used in attacks around the world, our security team has started searching all backpacks to protect us all. Please cooperate with their search if asked. The team is stationed all around our campus in order to provide the most coverage possible. They are also on campus for other events in addition to Sunday services. They are here to address medical and fire emergencies, protect our children, as well as look for possible threats. I’m grateful for our team for protecting and serving us! We are trying to make our church as safe a place as possible for all who come to explore and grow their faith.

Thank you to all that serve the needs of our city, whether on or off our Pantano campus. You are appreciated!

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