Dying to Live – Lent 2020

by Michael Goodwin | series |

In John 12:23-26 Jesus states that if we love our life here we will miss true life, but if we hate our life here we will have eternal life. Jesus calls us to “die to ourselves” and we do this by a lifestyle of surrender to living for ourselves. You must die to our desire to live for ourselves and surrender our lives to live for God so we can experience His life. This message will set us up for embracing the disciplines of Lent.


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Messages In This Series


Image: Hope
April 6, 2020


Hope is so elusive. Life gets dark, difficult and dangerous. And it’s only gotten worse as we face the fallout...

Image: Romans 8
March 30, 2020

Romans 8

We’ve all had to face the feelings of the disapproval of God and others. We spend most of our lives...

Image: Power
March 22, 2020


After Jesus was killed and what seemed like a mysterious disappearance of his body, the disciples were hiding in fear...

Image: Transforming
March 15, 2020


One of the great spiritual tragedies today is that so many folks have not sought to follow Jesus. But an...

Image: Better
March 8, 2020


Jesus made an astounding statement and promise. He said that when he physically departed to return to his Father he...

Image: Coach
March 1, 2020


We are never alone! However, too often, we try to live like a Christian on our own power and that...

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