Is Jesus For Religion?

by Glen Elliott | series |

Jesus did not create a new religion! In fact, he came to replace religion with something very different. He came to offer us a path to having a relationship with God. Religion is tiring, exhausting, and frustrating. It creates fear, guilt and shame. It leaves us empty and the feeling that we are a constant failure. Religion is a set of rules to force us to live a certain way. It uses guilt to keep us in line and reminds us of our failure to live up to the rules. What Jesus offers is different from religion. Jesus discarded religion because he solved our sin problem for us. It isn’t what we need to do to be approved by God, but God has approved of us through Jesus. In this message, we’ll learn what faith looks like as we follow Jesus and how that is transformed into a true faith.


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Image: Hope Is For Life
September 25, 2022

Hope Is For Life

There is enough judgment in the world today. But we are called to be Hope dealers! A Hope dealer runs...

Image: Hope Reconciles Cynicism
September 18, 2022

Hope Reconciles Cynicism

There are times when we simply are cynical about others knowing Jesus. We don’t want them to have hope and...

Image: Hope Illuminates
September 11, 2022

Hope Illuminates

People all around us are filled with despair and darkness (depression, anxiety, stress, addiction, trauma, sin, strongholds) and if you’re...

Image: Hope Loves Those Not Like Us
September 6, 2022

Hope Loves Those Not Like Us

We must see people the way Jesus sees people…as opportunities to receive forgiveness and redemption. It is easy to get...

Image: Hope Brings Healing
August 31, 2022

Hope Brings Healing

When we are dealing hope, are we willing to do anything possible to get the world in front of Jesus?

Image: Jesus is… The Way
August 23, 2022

Jesus is… The Way

What if we had a way that would lead to freedom, joy, peace, and security? What if we could tell...

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