Pure Heart

by Glen Elliott | series |

Jesus calls us to have a pure heart. Pure is such a demanding word. Pure means, well, nothing impure. It’s like being perfect! Or holy?! So, right from the start, most of us will feel like this play or Beatitude is out of reach. Who thinks they can get close to being pure, holy, perfect or without fault? Is that what Jesus meant? What did Jesus mean when he invites us to have a pure heart? The Bible uses language like unadulterated to describe pure; meaning there is nothing mixed in. Jesus is talking about a pure sincere commitment to Jesus and his way. It’s about being a person where our focus and devotion are fully on God and we don’t let any other commitment get mixed in. It’s about being authentic in our faith. It’s about removing falseness and hypocrisy. A pure heart is pure because it has no competing influences – only God. A pure heart is a heart purely devoted to God.


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