Redeemed and Upcycled

by Glen Elliott | series |

Our regrets can be redeemed for something good. We can fall backward or we can step forward. God not only forgives us for what we did wrong or what we failed to do, but he wants to use that to propel us forward to start fresh. God takes the failures and mistakes to help lead us to new territory. God uses those regrets to build on to make something better – that’s upcycling or redeeming our past mistakes, sins, and failures. We learn from our regrets but refuse to live in the regret. We allow God to change us, the way we think and act, to become a better person with God, rather than apart from him.


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Image: The Invitation to Freedom
February 9, 2020

The Invitation to Freedom

We all have experiences with guilt, regret, and shame. No matter how long we follow Jesus, we are confronted with...

Image: The Invitation to Encounter God
February 2, 2020

The Invitation to Encounter God

Many of us long to encounter God. We often want to encounter God on our terms, in our way, and...

Image: The Invitation to Follow
January 26, 2020

The Invitation to Follow

Jesus invited four fishermen to follow him. He asked them to leave behind their trade, business, security, and homes. He...

Image: One Life
January 19, 2020

One Life

The needs around us are so great and feel overwhelming. It’s easy to give up. It’s easy to focus on...

Image: One Church
January 12, 2020

One Church

The needs of our community are huge. There are enormous physical, economic and social challenges in our city. But even...

Image: One Word
January 5, 2020

One Word

New Year’s resolutions are good, but not as effective as focusing on one thing for a whole year. As we...

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