Difference Maker

January 3 - 24

We all want our lives to count, we want to make a difference. Our mission is to love people to Jesus and launch passionate people who make a difference. But how do we do that? How does one person, one church make a difference? There are things that the people who make the biggest impact have in common: they know why they exist, they have a plan to accomplish it, they are able to push past difficulties and they do it with others.

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Image: Confronting the Challenges
January 17, 2021

Confronting the Challenges

All dreams, visions, and change projects face challenges. We have to face them to move through them. Moral authority (influence)...

Image: Praying & Planning
January 10, 2021

Praying & Planning

To accomplish what God puts on our hearts, we will need to pray and plan. Often, we lean towards one...

Image: Vision For Your Life
January 3, 2021

Vision For Your Life

We need to discover God’s vision for our lives and the way that we do that is by seeing what...

Image: Love
December 24, 2020


Christmas is one of the biggest celebrations we have at Pantano, and we couldn't wait to have it this year,...

Image: Joy
December 20, 2020


When we think of joy, we often think of happiness, but joy is actually deeper than happiness and is not...

Image: Peace
December 13, 2020


In our relationships, our world, and in our hearts, we long for peace. No matter how difficult our circumstances, we...

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