Eye of the Storm

June 26-July 26

The eye of the storm is the calmest place in the storm, but the reality is that we are still in the storm. To get out of the storm, we must move through the storm, otherwise, we will die. But how do you move through the storms of life? How do you trust in a God you can’t see, who sometimes does things that don’t make any sense to us? When it comes to our fears, anxieties, and worries, they are telling us something important that we need to pay attention to and dig into.

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Image: When Peace Is Hard
September 13, 2020

When Peace Is Hard

We all have opinions about different things and there are certain things that we probably have very strong opinions about....

Image: Making Peace with God & Ourselves
September 6, 2020

Making Peace with God & Ourselves

In order to have peace in our world, and to become the peacemakers we are called to be, we must...

Image: Greed
August 30, 2020


What would Jesus undo? He would undo greed. It’s a silent spiritual killer that we fail to recognize in our...

Image: Pride
August 23, 2020


What would Jesus undo? He would undo pride! Jesus wants to remove our “me first,” “I know better” or “I...

Image: Hypocrisy
August 16, 2020


What would Jesus undo? In his ministry, he viciously called out and attacked all forms of hypocrisy. He has zero-tolerance...

Image: Empty Worship
August 9, 2020

Empty Worship

What would Jesus undo? One thing Jesus tried to undo was move people from dead, hollow, empty, and meaningless worship...

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