Faith Killers

March 10-24

In God we trust! That’s a great aspiration printed on our money. But do we really trust God as fully as we would like? Of course, we know that trust is good and what’s best for us and it pleases God. But when we are honest, we’ll admit that there are things that hinder us from fully trusting God. In this series we’ll look at three biggies that are often roadblocks to our faith: doubt, secrets and a way of thinking that limits the power of God. We struggle with these three to some extent. We’ll look deeper into each in order to expose them for what they are – faith killers. And in doing so, we’ll find ways to keep them from hindering us from fully trusting God.

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Image: Our Trainer
June 1, 2020

Our Trainer

Discipline is not a word we enjoy. We naturally want to indulge in sweets instead of having discipline around food....

Image: Close
May 24, 2020


One of the questions we have about God is how much he cares for us, how close he is in...

Image: When Relationships Get Hard
May 17, 2020

When Relationships Get Hard

Some relationships are hard. There are people in our lives that have hurt, abused, harmed, or taken advantage of us....

Image: What Makes Relationships Fulfilling
May 10, 2020

What Makes Relationships Fulfilling

If you want to be a true friend or the best husband or wife or co-worker, then be a person...

Image: Hope In An Isolated World
May 3, 2020

Hope In An Isolated World

Loneliness is at an all-time high. Especially in this season of sheltering in place. There is a crucial truth that...

Image: Looking for Love
April 26, 2020

Looking for Love

We long for fulfilling relationships, ones that give us life. But often we find ourselves in relationships that are empty,...

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