Fully Charged

April 26 - May 17

Relationships are powerful. They are part of the highlights and lowlights of our lives. But how do you know if your relationships are all they could be? How do you know if they are fully charged? Like a battery, relationships move up and down, they ebb and flow. There are times when they are hitting on all cylinders, fully charged, and other times they are low and need to be recharged. This series will help you identify the relationships that are low and what to do about them, but also how to know what makes your relationships work so that you can keep them fully charged.

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Image: Patience
November 28, 2021


Patience is a fruit of the Spirit. Patience is learning to trust God through the slow slog of life and...

Image: Faithfulness
November 21, 2021


We’ve become cynical and now accept that “nothing lasts forever.” That may be true in a fast-changing world, but God...

Image: Kindness & Gentleness
November 7, 2021

Kindness & Gentleness

God is kind and gentle. For that, we are all grateful! His kindness is expressed in action. He came to...

Image: Goodness
October 31, 2021


The words ‘good’ or ‘goodness’ don’t mean much these days. But if we look at the Bible's definition for goodness,...

Image: The Way of the Spirit
October 24, 2021

The Way of the Spirit

How do we actually grow to become more and more like Jesus? Is it mostly on us to make it...

Image: The Great Divide
October 17, 2021

The Great Divide

Have you ever experienced division because of your faith? Maybe you experienced separation or rejection because you decided to follow...

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