March 1 - 22

There is an unseen power available to every believer. That power transforms us on the inside and empowers us to do the very things God wills of us. But this power is not an “it”, but a person who is the third person of our one God. Old English translations called him the Holy Ghost. Today we refer to him as the Holy Spirit. When Jesus returned to his Father, he sent us the Spirit because he knew that would be so much better for us. The Holy Spirit comes alongside us to make us stronger so we can do greater things than we could on our own. The Spirit is God who came to live inside to guide, protect, convict, coach, instruct, counsel and empower us. This is a “ghost” we do not fear but depend on to love God and serve others well.

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Image: We Are Unapologetic Grace Givers
November 22, 2020

We Are Unapologetic Grace Givers

Our world operates on the principle of fairness and justice. Many people practically live by the belief of karma, even...

Image: Kingdom First
November 8, 2020

Kingdom First

So many connect the church with a building. During the seven plus months of COVID, we did not have physical...

Image: EveryONE
November 2, 2020


Jesus tells a story about a shepherd leaving the flock of ninety-nine sheep to go find the one. He tells...

Image: Expectations, Disappointments, and Cynicism
October 25, 2020

Expectations, Disappointments, and Cynicism

At some point, we look up in life and think, “I expected life to turn out differently.” We expected to...

Image: Grief and Lament
October 18, 2020

Grief and Lament

Life can be a series of ungrieved losses. Loss is incredibly difficult to navigate in life, and if we don’t...

Image: When God Doesn’t Make Sense
October 11, 2020

When God Doesn’t Make Sense

One of the biggest places we experience bitterness is when God doesn’t do what we hope or expect. Why does...

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