March 1 - 22

There is an unseen power available to every believer. That power transforms us on the inside and empowers us to do the very things God wills of us. But this power is not an “it”, but a person who is the third person of our one God. Old English translations called him the Holy Ghost. Today we refer to him as the Holy Spirit. When Jesus returned to his Father, he sent us the Spirit because he knew that would be so much better for us. The Holy Spirit comes alongside us to make us stronger so we can do greater things than we could on our own. The Spirit is God who came to live inside to guide, protect, convict, coach, instruct, counsel and empower us. This is a “ghost” we do not fear but depend on to love God and serve others well.

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Image: Silence and Solitude
February 28, 2021

Silence and Solitude

To be fully present with ourselves, God and others, we must pull away to be alone with God. One of...

Image: Simplicity
February 21, 2021


The way Jesus lived was simple (not necessarily easy). However, today, we live a full, complex life of worry with...

Image: Lent 2021 – Fasting
February 17, 2021

Lent 2021 – Fasting

Lent is a time of repentance, refocusing so that we can experience intimacy with God at a deeper level. One...

Image: Feasting
February 14, 2021


One of the practices we don’t often talk about is feasting, partying, and enjoying God and his gifts to us....

Image: Bible Reading
February 7, 2021

Bible Reading

We don’t just read the Bible to gain information. We read to know and experience God through reading his Word....

Image: Rest, Slowing Down
January 31, 2021

Rest, Slowing Down

When we look at the life of Jesus, we see that he wasn’t in a hurry. He got to where...

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