God Is ___________

May 24 - June 16

God is our only real source of safety and security in life. The current pandemic and economic disruption have helped to convince us that so much in life is uncertain. So it is in times of challenge and hardship that we need to be reminded more than ever about who God is. Is God really a good Father who’s completely invested in his children? Is God punishing us or in fact is he the kind of Father who wants to further develop us in the hard times? Can we depend on God to be our protector and defender? Are we secure and safe in his love for us? And finally, is God truly trustworthy? Our view of God will shape how we fare in our current situation. In this series, we are going to look carefully again at who God is.

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Image: Face Your Fear
July 5, 2020

Face Your Fear

All of us are afraid of something and those things create the boundaries of our freedom. They keep us from...

Image: In the Storm
June 28, 2020

In the Storm

We are going to experience storms in our lives but how should we respond to them. It is so easy...

Image: Trustworthy
June 21, 2020


The goal of this message is to focus on how trust is the key to connecting with God. Not the...

Image: Our Protector
June 14, 2020

Our Protector

Life can be a bully sometimes and we don't always feel we have a protector but God is our protector....

Image: Love
June 7, 2020


God is love. When God is in us, his nature changes us to be like his own. According to the...

Image: Our Trainer
May 31, 2020

Our Trainer

Discipline is not a word we enjoy. We naturally want to indulge in sweets instead of having discipline around food....

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