God Is ___________

May 24 - June 16

God is our only real source of safety and security in life. The current pandemic and economic disruption have helped to convince us that so much in life is uncertain. So it is in times of challenge and hardship that we need to be reminded more than ever about who God is. Is God really a good Father who’s completely invested in his children? Is God punishing us or in fact is he the kind of Father who wants to further develop us in the hard times? Can we depend on God to be our protector and defender? Are we secure and safe in his love for us? And finally, is God truly trustworthy? Our view of God will shape how we fare in our current situation. In this series, we are going to look carefully again at who God is.

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Image: #Pantano60
May 15, 2022


We celebrate Pantano’s 60-year anniversary as we look back and forward while never forgetting our vision, mission, and purpose. God...

Image: Is Church Relevant and Necessary?
May 8, 2022

Is Church Relevant and Necessary?

One of the biggest questions among those deconstructing their faith today is this: is the church relevant and necessary? The...

Image: Is It Okay To Doubt Your Faith?
May 1, 2022

Is It Okay To Doubt Your Faith?

Doubt, skepticism, and deconstruction are often criticized not only as a weakness, but as an outright sin. However, every person...

Image: Is Jesus For Religion?
April 25, 2022

Is Jesus For Religion?

Jesus did not create a new religion! In fact, he came to replace religion with something very different. He came...

Image: Sunday – Easter 2022
April 17, 2022

Sunday – Easter 2022

For three days life was filled with uncertainty. Life was dark, Jesus was dead, hope was gone. Friday was full...

Image: Saturday
April 10, 2022


Saturday, the day Jesus was in the tomb, reminds us to wait on the Lord. Trust him, for Sunday is...

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