Sept 6 - 27

The United States is more divided than we have been in decades. In 2020 we’ve experienced division over COVID-19, racial and social issues, and we are in a highly polarized political environment. The result has been heated arguments, anger, people unfriending each other, hate, and even violence.

We long for peace and unity in our nation, church, and even in our families. Peace is of high value to Jesus. Paul mentions it in every one of his letters. How do we practically live in unity with our brothers and sisters who think differently than us? How do we help bring unity and peace into our world? This series will look at the source of ultimate peace which is Jesus himself. Then we’ll look at practical ways we can actually be peacemakers ourselves.

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Image: How to be a Peacemaker
September 20, 2020

How to be a Peacemaker

We live in a time where we love to put labels on things. Once we label someone or something, it...

Image: When Peace Is Hard
September 13, 2020

When Peace Is Hard

We all have opinions about different things and there are certain things that we probably have very strong opinions about....

Image: Making Peace with God & Ourselves
September 6, 2020

Making Peace with God & Ourselves

In order to have peace in our world, and to become the peacemakers we are called to be, we must...

Image: Greed
August 30, 2020


What would Jesus undo? He would undo greed. It’s a silent spiritual killer that we fail to recognize in our...

Image: Pride
August 23, 2020


What would Jesus undo? He would undo pride! Jesus wants to remove our “me first,” “I know better” or “I...

Image: Hypocrisy
August 16, 2020


What would Jesus undo? In his ministry, he viciously called out and attacked all forms of hypocrisy. He has zero-tolerance...

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