Sept 6 - 27

The United States is more divided than we have been in decades. In 2020 we’ve experienced division over COVID-19, racial and social issues, and we are in a highly polarized political environment. The result has been heated arguments, anger, people unfriending each other, hate, and even violence.

We long for peace and unity in our nation, church, and even in our families. Peace is of high value to Jesus. Paul mentions it in every one of his letters. How do we practically live in unity with our brothers and sisters who think differently than us? How do we help bring unity and peace into our world? This series will look at the source of ultimate peace which is Jesus himself. Then we’ll look at practical ways we can actually be peacemakers ourselves.

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Image: I’ve Made Foolish Decisions
September 18, 2023

I’ve Made Foolish Decisions

Discover how to overcome past financial mistakes and make wise decisions that lead to a life of generosity and impact....

Image: Celebration
September 11, 2023


As Children of God, it is important to consistently set aside time to remember what God has done, to thank...

Image: Share Your Story
September 4, 2023

Share Your Story

The greatest gift we can ever give someone who doesn’t yet know Jesus is an introduction to Him. Sharing our...

Image: Sacrificial Generosity
August 27, 2023

Sacrificial Generosity

Giving demonstrates our dependence on God. We acknowledge that all we own has been given to us by Him. In...

Image: Serve the Community
August 20, 2023

Serve the Community

We are called and equipped by the Holy Spirit to share God's love by participating in the ministry of Jesus....

Image: Freedom From Strongholds
August 15, 2023

Freedom From Strongholds

Jesus saves those who believe and call upon his name. Saving grace is once and for all and also a...

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