Sept 6 - 27

The United States is more divided than we have been in decades. In 2020 we’ve experienced division over COVID-19, racial and social issues, and we are in a highly polarized political environment. The result has been heated arguments, anger, people unfriending each other, hate, and even violence.

We long for peace and unity in our nation, church, and even in our families. Peace is of high value to Jesus. Paul mentions it in every one of his letters. How do we practically live in unity with our brothers and sisters who think differently than us? How do we help bring unity and peace into our world? This series will look at the source of ultimate peace which is Jesus himself. Then we’ll look at practical ways we can actually be peacemakers ourselves.

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Image: Hope Is For Life
September 25, 2022

Hope Is For Life

There is enough judgment in the world today. But we are called to be Hope dealers! A Hope dealer runs...

Image: Hope Reconciles Cynicism
September 18, 2022

Hope Reconciles Cynicism

There are times when we simply are cynical about others knowing Jesus. We don’t want them to have hope and...

Image: Hope Illuminates
September 11, 2022

Hope Illuminates

People all around us are filled with despair and darkness (depression, anxiety, stress, addiction, trauma, sin, strongholds) and if you’re...

Image: Hope Loves Those Not Like Us
September 6, 2022

Hope Loves Those Not Like Us

We must see people the way Jesus sees people…as opportunities to receive forgiveness and redemption. It is easy to get...

Image: Hope Brings Healing
August 31, 2022

Hope Brings Healing

When we are dealing hope, are we willing to do anything possible to get the world in front of Jesus?

Image: Jesus is… The Way
August 23, 2022

Jesus is… The Way

What if we had a way that would lead to freedom, joy, peace, and security? What if we could tell...

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