Jan 30 - March 20

Jesus invites us to be rooted in faith and journey toward a deeper relationship with him that is radically different from the way of the world. Jesus begins his greatest teaching on this deeper faith, the Sermon on the Mount, with eight “beatitudes,” as they are commonly called. These profound statements guide us to what living as a citizen in the kingdom of God looks like. They show us a radical life as a disciple of Jesus. But the life Jesus calls us to is shocking. He shows us that following him as a citizen of the kingdom of God is upside down or inverted from the ways and values of the world. To become like Jesus requires we take a different journey, and that path is spelled out in the Beatitudes. The path leads us to become more like Jesus.

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Image: Go
February 4, 2024


GO and reach. Where and how do we go? The word GO means “as we are going.” When you GO...

Image: I Wish I Wasn’t Alone
January 30, 2024

I Wish I Wasn’t Alone

In this week's insightful message, we turn our focus to a topic often overlooked in church communities - singleness. It's...

Image: I Wish I Had Friends
January 27, 2024

I Wish I Had Friends

Relationships are important. Connecting with others is part of why God created us. He built a desire for community within...

Image: I Wish Sex Wasn’t an Issue
January 15, 2024

I Wish Sex Wasn’t an Issue

Dive into an honest and transformative discussion about the role of sex in Christian marriage. In this message, we confront...

Image: I Wish I had a Better Marriage
January 8, 2024

I Wish I had a Better Marriage

Marriage has its challenges and successes. When we prioritize humility and our spouse's needs we find the challenge. We also...

Image: Christmas At Pantano
December 23, 2023

Christmas At Pantano

Luke 2, focus on the announcement of Christ’s birth from God’s heavenly host, the army of angels who have been...

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