March 31 - April 14

Your mission is what God wants you to do. And that mission here at Pantano is simple and clear – love people to Jesus. So being faithful to God’s will, we want to help launch you into your world to make a difference. You want the people in your life to find their way to God now and be able to spend eternity with him. That might mean you need to engage in that mission and love some people to Jesus! The question becomes how. How do you both love others well and how do you love them to Jesus? In this series, we are going to look at how to reach up to God, reach out to others and reach further in spiritual ways to bring faith, hope, and love to people God has placed in your life.

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Image: The Great Divide
October 17, 2021

The Great Divide

Have you ever experienced division because of your faith? Maybe you experienced separation or rejection because you decided to follow...

Image: The Cost of Following Jesus
October 10, 2021

The Cost of Following Jesus

Jesus is our example in all things, and our goal, as a disciple of Jesus, is to imitate his life.

Image: Love Your Enemies
October 3, 2021

Love Your Enemies

Jesus asks us to love our enemies, which goes against our natural desire to hate and seek revenge. This type...

Image: Drastic Action
September 26, 2021

Drastic Action

It is so easy for us to become complacent with sin in our lives. The world around us tells us...

Image: Bigger Than Me
September 19, 2021

Bigger Than Me

The kingdom of God means that Jesus, the king, is fully in charge of our lives. When we enter the...

Image: Bigger Than My Preferences
September 12, 2021

Bigger Than My Preferences

The kingdom of God is bigger than our preferences, and that very act is a witness to the beauty of...

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