This is Pantano 2020

Nov 1 - 29

Every family and every organization has a culture. There are key values that shape that culture. Those values and resulting culture creates our identity. A parent or a leader of a group will often say something like, “This is who we are.” “This is what we do!” “This” is what is expected and normal for someone who’s a part of our family or group. At Pantano, we also have a clear culture. In this series, we’ll look at some values that shape who we are as a body of believers, and that makes our distinctive identity. This is Pantano!

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Image: Psalm 139
June 9, 2024

Psalm 139

At Pantano Christian Church we are unapologetic grace givers that love people to Jesus and launch passionate Difference Makers around...

Image: Traveling Light
June 2, 2024

Traveling Light

The Lord invites us to let go of our burdens and find rest in Him, much like checking in our...

Image: Sexuality
May 29, 2024


In a world that is constantly changing the sexual identity needle, how does the church respond with grace and truth...

Image: Racism
May 21, 2024


In a world that is not black and white, the church and culture have become even more separated. How do...

Image: That’s Not My Name
May 12, 2024

That’s Not My Name

Happy Mother's Day! Thank you to all the mothers out there and God bless you!

Image: I Am Honest About My Obstacles and Opportunities
May 7, 2024

I Am Honest About My Obstacles and Opportunities

Has God called you to take any big risks lately? God is looking for humility and availability. Sustained life change...

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