February 24 - March 3

Common is found everywhere. That’s why we call it common. When a person or something is considered “common” we don’t think of them as bad or wrong. Rather, we think of them as ordinary, usual, standard, basic, undistinguished, normal and average. Jesus invites us to be uncommon. He calls us to a radical abandonment of that which is typical, average or standard when it comes to faith. In fact, he calls us to an uncommon faith that demands we be sold out, fully devoted and all in as we follow him. Are you ready to enter an uncommon faith? Are you ready to be all in?!

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Image: Science and Faith
August 11, 2019

Science and Faith

It is a common assumption in our culture that science and faith are opposites and incompatible. A common view among...

Image: Connected
August 4, 2019


We were never made to be alone. God intervened in our world through Jesus who came to connect us to...

Image: Freedom Through Forgiveness
July 28, 2019

Freedom Through Forgiveness

The parable of the prodigal son. Our freedom is dependent on our willingness to receive the love and the forgiveness...

Image: Go Low
July 21, 2019

Go Low

There is a path that will lead us to finding freedom from our hurts, hang ups, bad habits, and addictions...

Image: Our Real Enemy
July 14, 2019

Our Real Enemy

In our struggle with the power of sin in our lives, we have to know what we are up against...

Image: You can’t, God can!
July 7, 2019

You can’t, God can!

What we all know is that self-help, self-esteem, and self-control all have the same problem - self. And the great...

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