Dec 1 - 22

The story of Christmas found in the gospel is unexpected. For the people of God, God had been silent for 400 years. Many of them felt forgotten and yet, in the quiet, dark countryside, God remembered and came to them. But not how they expected. He came in the form of a baby, not to the king or powerful leaders, but to the lowly, the poor, the young and the old. The gospels capture each person’s response when they encountered the angel or Jesus and those emotions capture our emotions at Christmas. In the same way, we will look at the Christmas story and see the many emotions we feel at Christmas and see that God is with us in all those places. And how God shows up in unexpected places and ways.

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Image: Grief and Lament
October 20, 2020

Grief and Lament

Life can be a series of ungrieved losses. Loss is incredibly difficult to navigate in life, and if we don’t...

Image: When God Doesn’t Make Sense
October 11, 2020

When God Doesn’t Make Sense

One of the biggest places we experience bitterness is when God doesn’t do what we hope or expect. Why does...

Image: Offense and Forgiveness
October 4, 2020

Offense and Forgiveness

For many of us, bitterness can be traced to a relationship that didn’t go as we hoped or we experienced...

Image: The Heart of a Peacemaker
September 27, 2020

The Heart of a Peacemaker

The heart of a peacemaker is one who “walks across the street” when God calls them to do so. This...

Image: How to be a Peacemaker
September 20, 2020

How to be a Peacemaker

We live in a time where we love to put labels on things. Once we label someone or something, it...

Image: When Peace Is Hard
September 13, 2020

When Peace Is Hard

We all have opinions about different things and there are certain things that we probably have very strong opinions about....

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