What Would Jesus Undo?

Aug 2 - 30

You’ve likely heard the famous acronym WWJD. People sometimes wear bracelets with WWJD. It’s a question – What Would Jesus Do? It’s a question you ask when faced with a decision or situation. But have you ever asked a very different question – What would Jesus undo? We need to focus on both what Jesus wants us to do and what he wants to remove or undo in our lives. What would Jesus undo that breaks God’s heart? What are some things Jesus wants to remove in us? What are the barriers that Jesus wants to break down so that no one is hindered from experiencing God? In this series, we’ll look at five things Jesus actually sought to deconstruct, change, or undo.

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Image: Baptize
February 26, 2024


Salvation is found in Jesus Christ. If you repent of your sin, believe He died for that sin and rose...

Image: Preach and Teach

Preach and Teach

It is one thing to walk into church or faith, but without people actually hearing the truth and being taught...

Image: Make


We, all Christians, not just church leaders should engage actively in disciple-making, highlighting the unchanging nature of Jesus' message of...

Image: Go
February 4, 2024


GO and reach. Where and how do we go? The word GO means “as we are going.” When you GO...

Image: I Wish I Wasn’t Alone
January 30, 2024

I Wish I Wasn’t Alone

In this week's insightful message, we turn our focus to a topic often overlooked in church communities - singleness. It's...

Image: I Wish I Had Friends
January 27, 2024

I Wish I Had Friends

Relationships are important. Connecting with others is part of why God created us. He built a desire for community within...

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